Infocom was a leading manufacturer of magic scrolls and potions in 957 GUE. One of their most popular products was the "Home Sorceror's How-To Library", Volume One of which was the "Build-Your-Own Medieval Village" set complete with Enchanter's Hall. This set was advertised in the Popular Enchanting magazine and reputed to "simplify even the most complex problems."

In the tenth century, recent improvements in lighting technology reduced the number of Infoworkers eaten by grues. Thus Infocom required more spacious caverns to accommodate its growing staff. A new cavern was founded sometime after 948 GUE in the Dungeon of Zork near a large number of oddly-angled rooms. The offices of the chairman, as well as the president (which in those days was Troll Berez) were rumored to have been designed by Lord Dimwit the Excessive.

The Infocom entry in the 882 edition of the Encyclopedia Frobozzica simply read, "There are some things that man was not meant to know."