Infotaters, which popular legend says were invented by Entharion the Wise, are the best way to store data ever discovered. It is a sort of magical two-way notebook. All the Guild members carried one. No matter where they were, they could set it spinning and ask it questions. If the answers were somewhere in the Guild library, the infotater would find them and relay them to the enchanter. The enchanter could also dictate into it and it would record what was spoken while it rotated. Some were made personalized, thus only selected patrons of the enchanter's choosing would be able to make it work when they breathed upon it.

Most infotaters had several windows and a rotating data wheel, each assembled from one Selection Wheel and one Data Wheel (usually both Wheels were provided in a "plain" and "fancy" version, allowing the user to mix and match the versions to suit their taste).

Borphee Infotaters, Inc. was once the chief producer of infotaters. Due to the bankruptcy of the Frobozz Magic Grommet Company in 956 GUE, a severe shortage of infotaters developed by the following year. For the duration of that crisis Borphee Infotaters, Inc. substituted (at the last minute and at great expense) a special birch-bark-bound edition in book form, known as the “Field Guide to the Creatures of Quendor.” Though because of popular demand, the infotaters were later released in a "Do-It-Yourself Kit" (minus the grommets of course).

Although alternate sources tell of the seventh century Krepkit as the inventor of the infotater, it is probable that he was responsible for the development of an alternate model, which has the semblance of child's pinwheel. When blown upon, the delicate blades would begin to spin, and the red, blue, and yellow colors would begin to blur and merge as its magic started to work and it picked up speed, whirling faster and faster until it became a rainbow glow of light. In the vortex of color which reflected on the walls and floors, images would form, and a voice would speak in low calm tones. Krepkit, having an odd sence of humor, tried to give each of these infotaters their own personalities.