Inn of Isenough, 1647 GUE
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The Historic Inn of Isenough was constructed in 985 GUE, in East Shanbar of the Valley of the Sparrows.

Later inherited by Molly Moodock nee Kettle in 1626 GUE, she subsequently remodeled the inn to suit her taste. The lobby of this building was also the place of her marriage to Moadikum Moodock on Frobuary 14, 1635 GUE.

During the 1640's, the evil illumynite consciousness of Morphius had come so powerful beneath the Valley of the Sparrows that it began to exert a magical effect on the nearby Shanbar villages. One at a time, local buildings vanished and reappeared underground in a mysterious subterranean parallel Shanbar. The Inn of Isenough, along with its owner, Molly Moodock, and the rest of the block were the first recorded disappearances.