Yannick's Inquizivision Speech, 1067 (A) / (B) / (C)
     Inquizivision set up at Mesa (A)
     Inquizivision destroyed (A) / (B)


Mir Yannick, the Grand Inquisitor of Zork during the eleventh century prenteded to be the religious leader of the land as means of obtaining power. Having already possessed Frobozz Electric, the Totemizer, and Propaganda, he planned to realize his dastardly dreams to forever rule the Empire by using the diabolical tool, Inquizivision. The powerful mind-control device was in the form of the Inquisition Cable Network, which he planned to broadcast from atop Flathead Mesa and use to broaden and enlighten the minds of citizens across the countryside. This super-plan would tighten his grip on the minds of the Quendorans so painfully, that he believed it might never be reversed. A radio tower other technological devices essential to its broadcast were erected upon the top of Flathead Mesa.

With Inquizivision, non-stop twenty-four-hours-aday Inquisition programming would brainwash the already mind-numbed, dogma-fed population until their brains would become useless mush.

Not only was Port Foozle liberated on Frobuary 34th, 1067 GUE, but it was the date that the Grand Inquisitor had completed his technological wonder. The following day, with the population of Port Foozle and the surrounding regions gathered at the base of Flathead Mesa, Yannick publicly announced his radical new mind-numbing technology that would implement his visionary "One Point of Light" program. The following excerpts from Yannick's speech details some of the tragedies that would have arrived with Inquizivision:

“My loyal Foozle - Foozilli - people of Foozle. Today, citizens, I give you the all-purpose remedy to your boring and mundane lives. (THERE IS CHEERING FROM THE CROWD) I have in my hands the detonator that will blow the magic out from under us. Five thousand channels.

“What advances technology has brought us in the past hundred years, following the decline of magic! We have Zerts with Zetsyn and Zogaine with Zenoxidil. We have lights that are activated by a simple clap on - clap off. We have salad shooters and granola grinders and knives that can cut through a can of tinned platypus one moment, and a tomato in the next. Why, only just days ago, I received a patent application at Frobozz Electric, for an individual cube-shaped beverage coolant system, that would enter into a beverage, and cool the substance itself - from the inside out! With the advent of Inquizivision, the Inquisition can help administer a soothing, controlling ideology to your family, within your own home, every hour of every day of every year.

“We think you will also enjoy the mellow dogma tunes of the Inquisition Muzac as you wash your dishes, make your beds, and polish your busts of the Grand Inquisitor. The beauty of Inquizivision is that it's cost-efficient and simple to use: Just take the remote from your television, and substitute it with the new Inquizivsion remote that comes with the Inquizivision subscription. Screw open the hollow bottom of the remote's outer shell. Take a moment to reflect on the screw as the symbol of the Inquisition in Occupied Port Foozle. Now the rest is easy - all you have to do is remember to take one of the little white pills every day, and allow for ten to twelve hours of dogma recitation on one of our five hundred channels. You should be feeling happy and fulfilled in no time at all. Please do not operate heavy machinery. Offer void where narcotics are prohibited. Actual numbers of pills may very from dealer to dealer. You will come to see me as I see myself -- as a handsome, benevolent magistrate, who is hardly corrupt. Not only will you find yourself able to shun magic and most new sensation, and in some cases, all sentient thought, for up to twenty four hours a day, but you will find that as you supplement your Inquizivision daily dose, you will be able to customize your dogma discipline to fit your individual needs.

“Hungry at night? Try Inquisition Prozork with Evening Appetite Suppressants. Having trouble sleeping? Try our special Inquisition Prozork PM. Trouble in the marriage? The Inquisition Muzzle-Up will allow both you and your partner to avoid unnecessary pleasantries, and even necessary pleasantries, since neither party will be able to communicate in any traditional fashion.”

Together, AFGNCAAP (who would become the Fourth Dungeon Master) and Antharia Jack, with the guidance of Y'Gael, returned magic to Zork and thwarted the unleashing of the powerful Inquizivision.

In order to bind the high, middle, and deep artifacts together and return magic to the land, each of the three had to be placed in the correct order along the Inquizivision's radio tower. The Skull of Yoruk, being the receptacle of deep magic, went in the glass dome at the bottom. The Cube of Foundation, being the container for middle magic, went in the nook halfway up the tower. The Coconut of Quendor, being the symbol for high magic, went in one of the balls of the wind gauge thingy at the top of the tower. Unfortunately, when it was placed inside, the wind gauge thingy became unbalanced. The Dungeon Master instructed AFGNCAAP to hang his lantern on the opposite side to balance it out. It was then that Antharia Jack kicked in which his part of the plan, which was to create a distraction. To the adventurer’s dismay, his clever distraction was to point AFGNCAAP’s presence on the tower to the Grand Inquisition himself in the middle of his speech. Despite the cheering crowds and their support, the Grand Inquisitor’s broadcast was cut off and he immediately came up the tower. AFGNCAAP quickly cast MAXOV upon the tower to bind the energies. The resultant blast threw AFGNCAAP and the Grand Inquisitor from the tower while sending a shockwave of magic across the land, diffusing all of Yannick's technology—the radio tower and the monitors and the rest of his Inquizivision system.

Historians have speculated, that if activated, Inquizivision was certain to destroy all free thought, free speech, and free magic in the Underground. Historians have called this prevented time period of Zork "the Age of the Vast Digital Wasteland."