Itah, 1647 GUE

      Itah reads Ben's letter
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The witch Itah, a descendant of Izah, lived underground within the hollow of a giant decaying tree on a dry patch between the Creeping Bogs and the Frozen River (where the River is temporarly divided around an island, the eastern branch flows past her house). It is uncertain if Itah was an original underground deizen, or was displaced by the workings of Morphius in the mid-1600s GUE. It was here where she prepared her magic spells and potions, for the bogs themselves were heavily enchanted. All those who dared to threaten her found themselves turned into either a bog rat or bog slug in reprisal.

During her habitation in the Great Underground Empire, her powerful Necklace of Fear was stolen while she was out, by a cowardly little half-troll who used it to cheat his way to the trollish throne. When the son of Cliff Robinson escaped from the Cliffs of Depression he came by her hut. Itah sought to cheer him up but he needed more than she was able to give. The carrots in her vegetable garden were torn up at one time by Snoot's cow.

Itah was once in love with Ben Fyshin; they often used to go sailing. The couple severed after a fight and did not speak since, until in 1647 GUE the unnamed Sweepstakes Winner delivered a letter of apology to her on his behalf. She accepted his apology and the two later went boating together. The witch also helped the Sweepstakes Winner by providing him with her pet bats as guides through the Whispering Woods, as well as handing over her walking stick so he could navigate the Creepings Bogs in order to return to Shanbar. (The stick was used to identify mushy parts of the bog. If the stick sunk, so would the careless adventurer.) And it should be noted that she was also able to translate one of four jokes for the adventurer, which would be essential in the recovery of the six pieces of the last Flying Disc of Frobozz.

She was later turned to stone by Morphius and not freed until the Sweepstakes Winner defeated the evil force. At that time she participated in the Second Great Diffusion.

Ben Fyshin loved Witch Itah, and some say their connection has made his clan better than ever at detecting sandbars and other underwater hazards. But as no one knows what became of him, and they were known to quarrel occasionally, it may simply explain the appearance of talking fish in the area.

Itah thought that Canuk was cute.