Founded on Joseph Campbell's formulated circular mythic pattern, the annual Joseph Campbell Award for Best Semi-Actual Persona is what all supernatural guides aspire to, as it could make their career. It could lift them out of the dull range of supernatural sidekicks and seldomly into the catergory of Implementor. Prior to the award, those guides that stayed true to the tenets of Joseph Campbell were nominated to receive the award, but only a vote could determine who was the winner. All non-elected nominees were reminded that "It’s an honor just to be nominated."

The award itself is a beautiful bronze mask of some pseudo-god with a shiny rectangular brass plate fixed to the front of the award's base that to the naked eyes seems completely blank. Only supernatural eyesight or a powerful microscope can find the tiny letters inscribed in the lower right corner that read: "This space intentionally left blank."

The location of the annual awards banquet since its origins long before Entharion the Wise alternated between the Valhalla Hilton and the Elysian Fields. For some reason, the Campbell Awards always picked the grimmest weekend of the year. The cocktail party preceding the ceremony entitled all award nominees to two free drinks.

The Joseph Campbell Award was created by the Autoexec and The Powers That Be as a subfunction of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association in an attempt to urge the spirits of the rebellious horde of supernatural beings that had been left after their rebellion against Eru into obeying the precepts of righteousness. While the Award was beneficial at controlling these beings for some time, the democratic circle of pseudo-gods that held the entire organization in check, altered the rules by vote and thus corrupted members were soon winning Awards. Many suspect that the secretly corrupt Autoexec had play in permitting this activity. Regardless, the Upper Echelons restricted Implementor advancement to the righteous alone and occassionally eradicated others from existence.