Thaddeus, Elizabeth,
and Lucien Kaine


The ancestral home of Lady Elizabeth was Irondune. Her husband, Thaddeus Kaine, inherited the castle through married, not blood, when he saw that his family's wealth was not enough to efford him power. This relationship gave him rule over the provinces of both the Desert River and Famathria.

Shortly after their marriage, an affair between Thaddeus and an unknown maiden at Irondune resulted in the birth of Lucien Kaine on Oracle 10, 920. This woman died giving birth and Elizabeth raised the child as her own. The affair was concealed and most were ignorant of her not being the true mother. Due to Kaine's military endeavors, as well as his war against Ellron which ignited in 924 and lasted past his death into 949, the two would be continuously divided for long periods of time. One of these would see the beginning of at least a second affair.

Madame Sophia Hamilton, having met Thaddeus at a party thrown in his honor in 922 pursued him with vengeance. Sophia's ambition with the studies of alchemy was to ensure that she and Thaddeus were both eternal while Lady Elizabeth would grow old and die. It is not certain when Elizabeth realized that her husband and Sophia had been engaged in adultery, but when she did so, she took it into her own hands to confront the whore. The Lady's detest is evident in the letter, although she seemed to retain false assurance in Kaine that unfortunately did not exist:

Dear Madame Sophia,

While we have never been formally introduced, I feel as if I’ve known you for years now. At least, I know many things about you. I know you sleep with my husband. I know you’re only one of his many mistresses. Or did you think that he loved only you? Has he been teasing you with talk of your future, of marriage? Did you imagine he would leave me for you, and you would rule Irondune as the next lady Kaine? Let me assure you, madam, that you have no future with my husband. He needs me, my family, and our lovely money. Without me, there is no Irondune. And there is nothing and no one he loves more than that.

-Elizabeth Kaine

Circa 935 GUE, Elizabeth wrote to Thaddeus, who was apart from her in his battles against Ellron, that she had considered spending the fall at her mother's village in Antharia. In Mumberbur of 940, Elizabeth and Thaddeus were fighting again, which according to him, damaped the festivities of the holiday season. In his letter to Sophia, he presumed the feelings of his wife:

It’s not that she questions my formal loyalties to her and my family—she knows I will never leave her—but I suppose I can hardly blame her if she feels my heart is no better than any. How I hate to discuss these matters—as if I were a gossiping girl. I live where I live, and I love whom I love. Praise Yoruk—that is all there is to say on the subject—

By Oracle of 944, Lady Elizabeth Kaine had left Irondune to reside in Antharia. Little else is known of her, save in 948 she was still in seclusion in Antharia, having a well-documented history of poor health and could not be disturbed.