Little is known about the kingdom of Kaldorn. It was a province of Quendor until in 880 GUE a claimant to its throne rose to announce the principality's secession from Quendor. Idwit Oogle, who was the kingdom of Quendor at that time, wrote a letter to his own governor in Kaldorn, exhorting him to provide for his own safety.

In 888 GUE, after the fall of the Empire, Galepath and Mareilon were again at war. It was reported in those days that Vriminax and Quendor were in no position to help either of the two opposing powers because they were involved in protecthing themselves against the incursions made by Kaldorn and Kovalli respectively.

Sometime during the end of the ninth century, or the beginning of the tenth, Prince Melanchitis was heir apparent to the Throne of Kaldorn and about to wed Princes Despondia. His father, the King of Kaldorn, decided to help prepare him for the throne by putting him in charge of the Kaldorn Department of Revenue. He decided to raise taxes a bit, to show his father that he was tough enough to be king. Unfortunately, as he was never very good at math, he raised them a little too high, 110 percent. This caused the people to revolt, kill his father, and exile Melanchitis to a barren underground region beneath the Flathead Mountains.

Representives from Kaldorn were able to take part in the early tenth century Conference of Quendor. Kaldorn signed the Treaty of Quendor, unifying the province with the many nations under one power -- Syovar the Strong's unified Kingdom of Zork.