Kar'nai, in the frigid Northlands nearly a thousand bloits north of Galepath, is an ancient and mystic religious site where the divinely-inspired Scrolls of Kar'nai  were penned in circa 300 BE.

While little is known of the first century religious wars of Kar'nai (47~50 GUE), it was said to be the start of a string of bloody conflicts. This order of religious monks had been living in a monastery in the Northlands. Although they lived on the ancestral territory of foreign warrior tribes, they were usually ignored, until a new chieftain assumed power. For reasons that are now lost to us, the prophets of Kar’nai perished in these years by the sword in the reign of Mysterion the Brave. The details of this war are lacking, save an inscription at the gravesite of Zylon the Aged which reads, “Bringer of Victory in the Wars of Kar’nai.”

Some see the following passage from the First Scroll of Kar'nai, Book Five as clearly evident that this group of prophets predicted their own deaths 350 years earlier: "Why, they ask, do these powerful gods allow the death of their prophets at the hands of infidels from other lands? The answer laughs at its own simplicity. Sacrifices must be made."