Khare the Watcher had a kindly face with gentle round eyes of bright blue that floated on either side of one of the most bulbous red noses. The bald headed Khare never slept, that was why the other wizards called him the Watcher. In his later years, he wore a Steptox Fizbin designed cloak, original from the finest shop in Thriff. He was once one of the masters of the Thriff Guild of Enchanters.

In response to the encroaching evil caused by the Great Terror towards the end of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), Khare the Watcher set out by boat with the Great Shuboz Shuboz, Isthur Glee, Shad Treeskimmer, Grimbol the Great, Raskil Worrysnot, and Finister to find Anesi who was living near Caper's Hill. These wizards believed that his youth would be the greatest advantage against the Great Terror, for he still had his innocence and would not be tempted to evil like most others.

Khare the Watcher was the wizard which Anesi was most attached before he departed on his quest. He instructed Anesi in the principles of magic, as well as gifted him with FROTZ, NITFOL and BLORB. A Servant of the Terror had lay dormant for many years in its lair beneath the woods near Anesi's home. It awoke during the time of the wizards' presence. Khare gifted Anesi with a zorkmid chain medatllion and the both of them IZYUKed over the woods to find Fidget's home destroyed by the Servant in the form of a mammoth hellhound. They found Fidget alive, but in a traumatized state. The beast attacked and ensnared Khare by his cloak in its jaws, whipping the enchanter around violently. Fidget lured the servant’s attention with arrows, while an IZYUKed Anesi IZYUKed a cornerpost of the destroyed house to use as a giant spear. Flying above the hellhound, Anesi annulled the presence on his spell and dropped the post point-first through the hellhound’s skull, thus saving Khare the Watcher from its maw.

On another night, after Fidget and Anesi had explored the Servant's lair, Khare the Watcher met them when they emerged. He told Anesi to start his journey to Miznia; there was no time to wait, for the other six Servants of the Terror, feeling the death of the other spiritually, were coming north to find the murderer. Fidget and Cubby were determined to go along with him. Khare gifted Anesi with some possessions, including an infotater, BERZIO and a blue enchanters’ cloak, which Mildi have stayed up all night making for him. Anesi told Khare to give his mother the treasures of the lair. The elder magician warned Anesi not to use his magic unnecessarily, since the Servants would be able to sense any magic used in the vicinity.

Khare, along with the other six wizards, took care of Mildi and Choboz while their son was gone on the quest, and after Anesi returned, was willing to stay around for as long as was needed.