The kitchen wonder was advertized to have 1001 uses, inside the home and out! It was a magical metal and plastic cylinder that looked like some odd combination of screwdriver, knife handle, and calculator, with buttons and holes for small attachments covered its entirety. The half-jackknife, half-raygun had various bumps and grooves that all looked as if they had a purpose, including a button toward the bottom that looked very much like a flashlight’s on-off switch. The Kitchen Wonder did function as a flashlight. It emitted a strong, narrow shaft of light, clearly illuminating the path some twenty feet ahead.

Other attachments included a trap neutralizer (a small, carved knife able to insert itself between two halves of a trap. When the trap springs open, the hooked knife jerks back then upwards, pulling the trap away and tossing it into the air), can opener, magic whistle capable of translating one to the Misty Island, unlocking handcuffs, unlocking doors, blender, detecting trip wires, subduing witches, and many more. In fact, the huge instruction manual guides the user through all 1001 functions.

blender lavender button
can opener?
detecting trip wires yellow switch on buttom (hold down)
subduing witches ?
trap neutralizerpink button, two below the green
unlocking doors mauve button
unlocking handcuffs ?
unknown effect small green button on one side
whistle(beneath can opener) blow it

These Kitchen Wonders were frequently given out as gifts by Hortense D. Fester as a tool to help the current postal worker overcome the evil of Gladys' cursed Witchville. There was rule in which the Evil One was forbidden to destroy the Kitchen Wonder for any reason. She broke this rule at least once, which, along with other violations, called for Y'Gael and Hortense to break a rule by not directly aiding the postman in the attempt to stop Gladys' plans.