Kivolli, 949 GUE (pre-temple destruction) [image contrast adjusted for village viewability]

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Before the invasions of Pseudo-Duncanthrax, the town of Kivolli was located deep underground in a huge hollowed-out mountain, stacked on subterranean cliffs near the base of the Temple of the Ancients, and connected to the surface by earthen tunnels. During the Zork plague years (sometime before 666 GUE), the temple experienced a boom, but then lost popularity during the post-plague era. The temple was abandoned and the Kivollians moved to a new disease-free location: New Kivolli. When Pseudo-Duncanthrax conquered the region in 666, the ancient town was no more than ruins. Cornelius Agrippa and Lockmoore further hollowed-out the mountain, rebuilt and expanded the underground temple. Residue of Kivolli stills remains (at the edge of what is today called "the Valley of the Sparrows"), along with scraps of the Temple which was destroyed in 949 GUE.