The Knights of Frobozz, also known as the Knights of Zork, are an ancient royal army that had been disbanded before the fall of the Empire in 883 GUE. When Syovar made a pact of peace and friendship with Lord Ellron of the Aragain Provinces, the two helped to create this order of knights to establish order to the land of anarchy. Syovar now had at his disposal a vast array of magical powers, and commanded the bulk of the armies that had survived the barbarian invasion. It was only the military strength of Syovar that preserved any semblance of stability in the Eastlands, and allowed him to march against the western continent in his attempt to reunify the old empire. His goal was nothing less than reconquest and subjugation of the entirety of the old empire.

During the beginning of Syovar's reign, when the forces of Krill were subjugating the Eastlands, all the men of all the villages were enlisted into the Knights of Frobozz, turning many into ghost towns. The Knights of Frobozz had been nearly defeated, but with the help of the Warriors of Zork, they were able to defeat the lizard warriors of Krill and establish temporary peace to the kingdom.

Following this invasion, the evil warlock Malifestro attempted to gain control of the kingdom. To do so, he took Syovar prisoner and held him for ransom. Denying this, the noble and faithful Sir Ellron, gathered the Knights of Frobozz, who at that time were two thousand of the best soldiers of Zork. He led them out to rescue Syovar. The knights did not return after many days. With the king captured, the Knights of Frobozz too far away to protect the kingdom, and the remaining soldiers without their former might, the Aragain Province soon fell into anarchy and barrenness. Though Ellron and undoubtedly many of the knights survived, it is at this point that the Knights are Frobozz are no longer mentioned. It may be that much of the armies that Syovar continued to have at his disposal while he waged his campaign against the Enchanters Guild were of these, but due to the absence of a name, it cannot be certain.