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   Krill and his worshippers (948 GUE)


By the reign of Phloid Flathead, who ruled from 738 to 755 GUE, a young warlock was already beginning to test the limits of his magical powers. After the repeated series of earthquakes that heralded the arrival of Krill's fledgling strength, Phloid himself had recurring nightmares that showed a noble and brave young warrior matching Krill in magical combat. A search of the city ordered by the Flathead monarch after this portent brought Syovar into royal service after a mere dozen years of magical training, and barely four decades of life.

War Against Syovar

Following the collapse of the Great Underground Empire in 883 GUE, evil times plague the Land of Frobozz. Every warlock in the kingdom attempted to gain control. The most powerful of this clutch of evil warlocks was Krill, who emerged from the mysterious forbidden lands of the freezing north. The Enchanters Guild confronted this warlock, who had already been bathing in dark sinister and menacing deeds for approximately 200 years. It was now that the Guild was finally able to banish him from the Accardi Circle of Enchanters. Upon excommunication, Krill gathered an army of lizard warriors of over 10,000 strong, and using powerful spells enslaved many humans to fight in his army against their own will. Krill’s first battle was waged against the capital of the newfound Empire, the Aragain Province and the Castle of Zork.

To counter this uprising, King Syovar declared war on Krill and fought the warlock with his amassed army. The early campaigns were many, but the forces of Krill grew so strong that not even a great warrior-wizard like Syovar was able to overcome the evil that had snatched the land. To gain victory, he knew that he needed both the Sword of Zork (one of the most powerful of all ancient blades of elvish workmanship) and the three Palantirs of Zork.

Every day and every year, the forces of Krill grew more daring. No village was safe from their attacks or spells. The wind became old and sour and reeked of evil. The crops began to wither and the barren land lost its fertility. All those who struggled to farm, found their crops stunted and bitter-tasting. Hunters discovered that most animals had fled the land, and those that remained were hardly worth catching. Many villages became ghost towns: the men were enlisted into the Knights of Frobozz, and the women and children were hidden in the mountains.

It was during these desperate days, that two young adventurers, Bivotar and Juranda were placed on the scene. This nephew and niece of Syovar had been in Krill’s captivity for nearly 200 years, during a period which neither had aged a day. Having managed to escape from the clutches of Krill’s servants, the two stumbled across the Sword of Zork, which they made haste to attempt to bring to Syovar.

At the time, Ellron's forces were collecting with Syovar's at the campsite near Ellron's own house in the Dark Forest. Krill's amassed his forces beyond Flood Control Dam #3, forcing these Knights of Frobozz to move on to engage him. Krill's lizard warriors scattered the Knights in battle thay day, forcing them to retreat to the underground base in the nearby coal mines. Krill amassed for battle once again, pursing them into the mines. Just as Sir Ellron arrived at the mines, Krill discovered the hideous and forced all of the Knights of Frobozz to withdraw to the White House.

Knowing that Bivotar and Juranda were attempting to unite the Sword of Zork and the Palantirs with Syovar, Krill desired to trick the two into directly handing over the relics to him. His lizard warriors were polymorphed into the likeness of men, while Krill himself assumed the form of Syovar with the same spell. This pseudo-Syovar welcomed Bivotar and Juranda with stew and informed them that Ellron had already told him of their quest for the Palantirs and the recovery of the sword. But when Bivotar recalled that Syovar never removed his Ring of Zork, he was not fooled by the naked fingers of Krill’s disguise. At his refusal to hand over the relics, Krill reverted his appearance and the surrounding knights reverted to their lizard forms. Bivotar and Juranda escaped the coal mine, sliding down a chute that returned them to the White House where they met with Ellron, Syovar and the other knights in the living room and placed the three Palantirs and the Sword of Zork into the king's hands.

Krill’s pursuing army of at least ten thousand strong surrounded the house. Syovar quickly placed the Palantirs into the trophy case, read the inscription on the case and recited a spell. An arc of light leapt between the three spheres and grew to encompass the entire room. It flashed blindingly bright, and as the light faded, so did their surroundings—the house was gone, and instead they all stood on a hill in the center of a vast plain. Before them, like a foul black sea, stood the armies of Krill.

Krill himself towered above them, larger than life, a horrible dark cloud before the sun. Behind the Knights of Frobozz, stretching to the horizon, summoned by the power of the Palantirs, stood the legendary Warriors of Zork, clothed in white tunics and shiny battle armor. Syovar mounted his mighty steed and commanded the summoned warriors to rid his kingdom of the evil scourge. With a cheer that echoed across the plain, the warriors charged forward, engulfing the armies of Krill.

As the battle raged about them, Syovar held the Sword of Zork high overhead—its brilliant glow like a beacon to the troops. Dark storm clouds formed, and lightning streaked down into the heart of the battle. Giant balls of fire plunged overhead and exploded into a million tiny infernos. A fierce wind whipped across the plain, toppling trees and sweeping horses off their feet. After an eternity of chaos, the armies of Krill lost both ground and strength. The Warriors of Zork pressed on, seemingly tireless and invincible.

With an explosion like thunder, Krill appeared before Syovar. Drawing his sword, the warlock challenged the king to dismount. Syovar relented, leaping from his steed. As the battled raged about them, Syovar appeared to be the better swordsman, but Krill used a variety of tricks and pyrotechnics to distant his opponent. Krill lunged and sunk his blade deep into Syovar’s side. At his last act, a blue glow surrounded the Sword of Zork and Syovar’s right arm. With surprising strength, he plunged the blade deep into Krill’s heart. The evil warlock’s body disappeared in a giant puff of unwholesome black smoke and his disembodied spirit fled elsewhere. The temporary defeat of Krill ushered in a brief period of peace which bolstered the kingdom.

The Return of Krill
Krill’s malice was thought to have been forever ended with his defeated at the hands of Syovar the Strong, and his reign of terror but a dim and frightful memory. But Krill went to dwell in the deserted castle Largoneth in Frobozz. Here he remained dormant, in preparation to launch an evil plan to overthrow the Circle of Enchanters and to enslave that corner of the kingdom, and finally become ruler of all Quendor.

He and his misshapen, hairy followers renovated the ruins of the castle that had been leftover (or reconstructed afterwards) when the structure itself was moved by Pseudo-Duncanthrax to Egreth in 660 GUE. They erected a primitive temple, and fashioned within an enormous idol of a loathsome demon, dark and vile, with dripping fangs and razor-sharp talons. Krill and his hundreds of minions regularly engaged in human sacrifice to this demon, and it is most likely that this demon had always been the source of his immense powers. Others believe that his magic flowed from the Great Terror living beneath the castle, while others venture that both the demon of the idol and Terror were one and the same.

Krill also protected the room of the northeast tower of Largoneth Castle with an incredibly frightful illusion: its massive lock was wrapped in a dozen six-inch thick iron chains. In addition, a certain five-headed monster sporting razor-sharp spears for tongues seemed to be imbedded within its heavy oak frame. One is almost embarrassed to mention the gargoyles spewing flame and sulphurous ash which ornamented either side of the door, or the ninety-seven slimy groping tentacles which taunted the Enchanter ever closer to certain death. A sign, which floated serenely above the door and glowed hideously in purple letters, offered the following rude understatement: “Don’t Bother”. The winding staircase at the base of the warlock’s tower was also protected with an enchantment so that steps flowed infinitely in either direction.

The evil warlock quickly subjugated the lands surrounding Largoneth to his power. The once peaceful regions were held in thrall by the pestilence that had been loosed upon the land. But the Circle was not ignorant. News of the unholy sacrificial rites, the odd disappearances, the mysterious dissolution of regions sacred to the Circle, the lessening of the Powers – they knew that these could only be his handiwork. Many dared to oppose him, all had failed. He was so powerful that he was able to detect and destroy even the strongest opponents who entered his domain. It appeared that Krill was able to read minds and if there was the slightest threat an invisible barrier would surround the castle. Thus the land was threatened with generations of brutal subjugation by the evil warlock. If he was not stopped, the entire world would be oppressed by one final potent spell he was preparing, and eternal night would fall over all the land, permitting Krill and his creatures to freely roam the entirety of Zork.

The Circle of Enchanters, the last hope of defense, felt that none of their number could escape detection long enough to locate and destroy Krill. They gathered at the Accardi chapter of the Guild of Enchanters in 956 GUE where Belboz revealed to them an ancient prophecy which spoke of a brave and cunning novice enchanter, someone guileless and insignificant enough to slip past the watchful warlock unnoticed and conquer him by means of rudimentary magic and spells discovered during the quest. His idea was to send a novice Enchanter, because, to put it in Belboz’s words, “Anybody with the brains of a drelb (later to be known as a dodo), should be able to approach the castle without posing a threat to Krill.” Although the Circle was reluctant, the only hope for the future was this enchanter, lest their great works would be overthrown. Thus an anoynomous enchanter was dispatched by the Guild of Enchanters to single-handedly vanquish their foe, the evil warlock Krill and to prevent the ruination of the land.

When this enchanter REZROVed, then passed through the gate into Largoneth, his mind felt as though it was being probed. After a moment, it was released, or perhaps discarded as uninteresting. It is unknown if this was something of Krill's doing or the Great Terror seeking him out. In the process of sneaking about the castle and obtaining a rare GUNCHO scroll withwhich to defeat the warlock with, the Enchanter unwittingly released the Great Terror in the passages below. Krill knew that the Terror had been released, and desired to use it to his purposes. The two powerful evil forces searched each other out, but this Enchanter was able to once again imprison the Great Terror in the passages beneath the castle (at least temporarily).

But before the Enchanter could ascend to the warlock’s tower, a host of hunched and hairy shapes detained him in their arms and escorted him to a cell in the sacrificial temple. Outside the host of hideous shapes chanted in unison. Fearing that he might be destroyed, the Enchanter incanted the OZMOO spell (“survive unnatural death”) over himself. When the host of hunched and hairy shaped came for him, they marched the Enchanter solemnly to the temple, and from there, up the steps to the altar. The large, black figure of Krill, who was completely wrapped in a cloak, approached menacingly. He reached into his cloak and pulled out a great, glowing dagger. He pulled the Enchanter onto the altar, and with a murmur of approval from the throne, he plunged the blade into his heart. Leaving the Enchanter on the altar, Krill departed. But due to the effects of the OZMOO spell, the Enchanter was revived.

Using his cleverness, the Enchanter arrived within the secret chamber of Krill; its powerful illusions had been broken. Krill had been engaged in the casting of some complex and horrific magic. He turned to face the enchanter, surprised and annoyed by the intrusion. He spoke, “Fool! Parlor magician! You dare you defile my chamber with your worm-like presence. I shall not waste words with you. Goodbye, spell-monger!” He snapped his fingers loudly and a giant dragon appeared, breathing gouts of flame. He moved ever closer, red eyes bulging with malice.

Having prepared some spells beforehand, the enchanter unleashed GONDAR (“quench an open flame”). The dragon’s flame was doused in a torrent of water and disappeared with a torturous scream.

Krill was somewhat amused. “A fine spell, wizard-worm, but your luck has ended!” With another snap of his fingers, he summoned a being whose essence was evil. It had a shape which was masked by its blackness and exuded a foul, fetid odor. In its hand was a large battle axe. At a single from Krill, it advanced.

With a well-timed CLEESH, (“change a creature into a small amphibian”) the monster hesitated, trembled, then turned into a newt. The poor creature’s battle axe, now unsupported, fell on it, slicing it neatly in half.

Krill lost his patience. “I am through playing games, carnival-clown! You shall return to your Circle, but I am afraid that all the little pieces will prove hard to reassemble!” He laughed hideously and started a guttural chant which shook the very tower.

The young enchanter decided that now was the time to recite the GUNCHO scroll. Krill recoiled as he heard the first words of the spell. For a few seconds he continued with the spell he had been casting, trying to finish it before the human. He fumbled some syllables! Then he stepped back and, with his hands outstretched toward the Enchanter, let out a bloodcurdling scream. His face was twisted, and with his body vibrating with the effort of resisting the enchantment, he uttered a spell of power, and was gone. The evil warlock had been banished to an alternate dimension.

After a quiet moment, a rumble began deep in the earth. It strengthened as the tower started to sway. The floor gave way beneath the Enchanter, and he tumbled down towards the sea before being surrounded by a burst of light. Thus Krill, in his arrogance, overlooked the source of his downfall.

In the days of the war against Syovar, Krill was described as a tall, dark and evil figure with hatred shining from his blood-red eyes. This ugly creature with bony arms and talons for fingers, was robed in black and radiatied evil. He roared with a deep, rumbling laugh. His powers enabled him to magnify himself to become larger than life, a horrible dark cloud before the sun.

After his first defeat, the master magician always was seen wearing black. His yellow eyes were the only visible part of his body. His voice was as deep as the great caverns of the earth. When he grinned, the sight was ghastly.

Krill had many powers, many of which remain unknown. In his war on the Aragain Province, he was able to force captives to serve under him with a magic spell, making them fight in battle after battle to live in squalor. He also was able to use magic to transform himself into the identical image of another, as well as his entire army seemingly simultaneously. Krill was able to protect his Largoneth estate with powerful illusions, including an infinite stairwell (see above), and summon powerful creatures to aide him, such as dragons, with the simple snap of his fingers.

Apart from his abilities as an Enchanter, his sword skills were outstanding. He coupled his swordplay with a variety of tricks and pyrotechnics to distract his opponent.

Krill's warlocks were powerful and deceptive. Many times, they took on a comely form in simple garb, a facade seeming both harmless and friendly. One of his warlocks had the power to transform into a deadly bird of prey: "black as midnight with talons as large as elephant tusks. Enormous wings, dripping with unwholesome slime. The fetid odor of evil in the air, is of tremendous fangs dripping with thick black poison."