Lafe was a small and agile apprentice in the Guild of Cartographers in 956 GUE. After a plea sent by the unknown Enchanter for help in traversing the strange terrain outside of Largoneth Castle on the quest to defeat Krill, Lafe was present during the Guild meeting where the request was thrown open to discussion. This request was denied by the older cartographers, but Lafe dared to disobey this ruling. He broke into the Guild Archives and stole a map of Largoneth Castle.

Presuming Longnir's adomonition on the outside of the map was nothing more than a simple childish ruse or foolish superstition, Lafe broke the seal on the map without fear of repercussions. Contrary to his beliefs, Lafe was quickly transformed into a consummate babbling idiot. Nonetheless, Lafe's ignorant sacrifice was not in vain. A parcel containing the map was sent and reached the hands of the young Enchanter.