P. David (Dave) Lebling is one of the four most powerful Implementors, and extremely well-loved by the populous. It is unknown whether he was originally a human that was promoted to the status of Implementor, or one of the original created by Eru. Regardless, a legend tells that he was at one time a wandering journeyman printer born of a noble family. Sadly, he was cast out by a wicked step-brother who was jealous of his fair appearance. Lebling was taken in by kingly Guild Master Koberger and apprenticed to him. At the age of maturity, this stout-hearted lad sought his own fortune. Arriving at an unknown town, he won the respect of all with his skill and the concealed deed to his betrayer's antimony mine.

Afterward, Lebling was credited as Architect in the construction of G.U.E. Tech, which was built sometime prior to 786 GUE. His name is inscripted on the pediment at the main entrance.

Joining up with Marc Blank in 956 GUE, the two heeded the call of Mistress Quickly and rejuvenated their weary frames in local games of skill every Gruesday night at the Guild Hall.

Dave Lebling authored “The True History of the World” sometime before 949 GUE, most likely in response to Marc Blank's “History of the World.”