At full height, Leblong the Dragon rose thirty feet, and with a deep-throated roar, spewed terrificeblast of flame straight at those who foolish threated him. The passages outside his wide cavern lair, which was in the Cavern of Doom region, were scarred and blackened from his flaming breath. Though not fluent in the tongue of men, Leblong tried to warn all travellers that they were unable to pass through his lair, with a waving of his head, a mighty roar, and a hot cloud of smoke. Traspassers attempting to sneak past him despite this warning found themselves instantly fried to a crisp by a gigantic plume of flame spewed from his mouth.

The dragon had agreed to guard the cavern, letting no one pass, because of an agreement made with the great warlock Grawl. Grawl had agreed to dispose of Leblong's treacherous twin brother Berlong. In exchange, Leblong promised to guard the tunnel from trespassers for the next thousand years.He refused to break the oath at all costs.

Though Grawl most likely defeated Berlong, Leblong did not witness the demise of his despicable twinling brother. Thus at the beginning of the tenth century, Bivotar and Juranda, seeking to pass through the lair, were easily able to deceive Leblong into believing that that Berlong was still amongst the living. To prove their accusations, the two adventurers guided the skeptical Leblong to a nearby icy mirror, which had been formed from a large glacier. Leblong, seeing his reflection in the mirror, believed it to be his treacherous twin brother. While dragons are not stupid, they are often naive, and this dragon had spent most of his life sitting in one room. He had never seen ice, or a mirror, and so who could blame him when he mistook his own reflection for his hated twin? Lebong reared back on his powerful hind legs and bellowed a fiery challenge. The reflection mimicked him. Leblong then directed a gout of fire right at his foe, followed by another, and another. The flame washed across the ice, beginning to melt it. Seeing his enemy unharmed, Leblong redoubled his efforts, striking the ice with barrages of fire. Soon, the entire cavern was filled with water, sweeping away both the adventurers and dragon. While the adventurers passed, Leblong never realized that it had only been his reflection that he had been fighting. Worn out from the amazing battle, he rested, snoring loudly nearby.

IMAGE01: Leblong spewing fire at a glacier mirror