The Legions of the Dead formed at least five encampments at the southwestern perimeter of the Omai Desert near the base of the Dwarven Mountains. Little is known about these legionaires. They appeared during the middle of the seventeenth century and are supposed to have been under the command of Morphius. Infesting subterraneam passageways and holes beneath the passes that wove through the Dwarven Mountains, these legionaries captured any intruders and had them impaled. The skeletal guards also permitted any access from this mountain range to the Shrine of the Six Muses, which they perpetually guarded. The only way to reach the Shrine was stealthily by by-passing them through the Dwarven Mines. It is assumed that the Legions of the Dead were disassembled with the defeat of Morphius in 1647 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork (design documents)