Kelly, 1647 GUE

      Kelly (A)(B)(C) / (D)
      Kelly hands over a Nectus piece
      Kelly waves to nephew after Morphius defeat
      Kelly Artwork


Kelly, the lighthouse keeper of the Northern River Lighthouse in the 1630s and 40s GUE, manned the original lighthouse in the Valley of the Sparrows.

Beneath the oppression of Morphius, the first lighthouse was destroyed and a second one was erected as part of an anti-vulture warning system. The lamp ran on illumynite, but since the vultures stole the glowing rock from the tower, the lighthouse keeper and the mayor of Shanbar were unable to see if it worked or not. The Road to the South was the main route running from the lighthouse to the village of Shanbar. But Morphius cursed that region, killing all the vegetation and animals within. Any who ventured into the region instantly perished due to his demonic powers. Thus this large patch of wasteland, called "The Dead Zone" by the natives, dividing the lighthouse from the village and preventing the lighthouse keeper from maintaining contact with those in Shanbar.

This keeper of the flame was a brave, but befuddled soul, having no choice but to live alone within the lighthouse. He was a trifle long winded, talking to himself constantly and answering most of his own questions. The only way to get his attention was to put something right in front of his face.

In 1647 GUE, the nameless Sweepstakes Winner who would defeat Morphius, was able to retrieve a chuck of illumynite on behalf of the lighthouse keeper (who had been waiting a long time for a piece). In return, this man rewarded this adveturer with one of the six pieces of the Flying Disc of Frobozz; thus he was indirectly responsible for the defeat of the fiend.