Krill's army of lizard warriors
   lizard warriors in cellar of White House
   lizard warriors apprehend two adventurers
   Krill and his lizard warriors


These tall lizards stand upright like a man, dressing in battle armor and bearing weapons including the sword and spear. Even without weapons, these armed lizards have massive jaws usually with hefty amounts of dribbling saliva running down their face. Unable to speak in the tongue of men, they communicate with hissing sounds.

Hordes of these lizards were the main troop of Krill's army during his almost successful invasion of the Aragain Province just after the fall of the Great Underground Empire, at the beginning of the reign of Syovar the Strong. Using powerful magic, Krill would temporarily polymorph many of these lizards into men in order to impersonate members of the Knights of Frobozz.