Logrumethar with Treaty
        Grum with Bivotar & Juranda
        Grum turns someone to stone
        Logrumethar, Syovar, Bivotar, Juranda

Logrumethar was the only child born to Syovar the Strong and Lorena. During the last days before the fall of the Empire, Lorena was killed by an enemy of Syovar, the evil warlock Grawl. Grawl also cast a powerful enchantment upon Logrumethar. This spell transformed him into a hideously, horrible, and ugly creature, thereafter called Grum, and then the warlock exiled him to the Cavern of the Rainbow Mosses. Syovar was never able to locate his son, and finally forced himself to admit that Logrumethar had died.

Grum was indeed ugly beyond belief, sacly and deformed, with a voice that was a hoarse croak, inhuman and horrible to hear. Despite the unnatural timbre of the voice, it was filled with sadness and compassion; even his wide eyes were filled with kindness. Anyone that looked upon him was instantly turned to stone. While the spell did not force him to remain in the cavern, he stayed there in complete isolation for many years to ensure that no one would accidently behold his ugliness and be turned to stone. He had no friends living in the cave, no one he could ever talk to. During his residency, he forgot the name of the warlock who imprisoned him and how he had ever arrived at the cavern.

At the beginning of the tenth century, a new region of the Great Underground Empire was discovered, a region that Syovar would later be entitle the Cavern of Doom. Over fifty adventurers and treasure hunters flocked into the vast new area, many of them wise and brave, but none returned. For the region they had entered included the cavern where Grum was still dwelling. Although he was happy when people first began to come to the cavern, he hid himself from view and warned others that they would be sorry if they entered. Anyone that did not heed his words and looked upon him were instantly turned to stone. Syovar sent several of his knightsto search for the missing explorers, but they too were also turned to stone. Even the king himself attempted to use his magical powers to explore the cavern, but they were unable to penetrate it. It was as though the entire region were guarded by some powerful enchantment. Wishing to prevent further disappearances, and with utmost reluctance, Syovar was forced to forbid access to that section of the Underground Empire by sealing it with magic.

Syovar could only glean a vague feeling that the one able to enter the enchanted cavern and return was someone completely innocent and pure of heart. Thus Bivotar and Juranda took it upon themselves to venture into the forbidden region. When they entered the Cavern of the Rainbow Mosses Grum warned them not to enter lest they be turned to stone and shared with them a hazy tale of his past. Moved by compassion, Bivotar opposed Grum’s warnings and approached the creature. Although ugly, Bivotar ignored it, only looking to Grum's compassionate eyes. He was not turned to stone. Both Juranda and Bivotar encouraged Grum, telling him that he was beautiful, because he was willing to live within the cavern for so long in isolation, even warning others not to enter, rather than to risk harming them. This was true inner beauty. Grum was heartbroken with tears. He never had imagined that someone would have described him as beautiful. When the suggestion was made that Syovar would be able to break the enchantment, Grum became willing, but would return to the cavern should one more person be turned into stone.

At the Hall of Mirrors, a mirror image of the banquet hall of the Castle of Zork was seen. Bivotar reached out to touch the surface, and when he did, a tremor tossed all three of them to the floor. Magic transported them to the true banquet hall. But the enchantment that had imprisoned him in that form had been broken, and instead of the hideous beast they found Logrumethar. The enchantment had begun to break when Bivotar and Juranda demonstrated that their feelings for Grum as a person were more important than their feelings about his appearance. But it was not until they touched the mirror and were transported back to the Castle of Zork that the last of the curse was destroyed. Logrumethar’s memories were restored with his appearance. That evening, Syovar the Strong held a mighty banquet to celebrate the return of his son. Noblemen and enchanters from every township in the kingdom were present.

Later in the tenth century, when Syovar had been ill at the result of the demon Jeearr, it became obvious that even if the king recovered, that he would be unable to attend the Conference of Quendor. And it seemed that Jeearr had won, until Logrumethar recalled the Helm of Zork, a magical headpiece that allowed the wearer to impersonate anyone he chose. With the helm in possession, Logrumethar knew that he would be able to attend the Conference by impersonating his father. Bivotar and Juranda, wishing to seek this Helm, was AIMFIZed close to its location.

After the two adventurers had recovered the Helm of Zork for Logrumethar, he left at once for Quendor where the Conference would be taking place. The only thing the prince feared was that his father would die before the Conference, and then everyone would know of his charade. But this was not the case, the Helm of Zork had fooled everyone at Quendor, they had really thought he was Syovar. Thus the Treaty of Quendor was signed and he returned for the Castle of Zork.

While most probable, it cannot be said with certainty if Logrumethar was the next ruler of the kingdom after Syovar the Strong had passed away in 972 GUE. All we know is that following the king's death, a man by the name of Lord Syovar II reigned for 25 years.