The beautiful and singularly talented Lorena of Mauldwood was a relative by marriage of a distant wing of the ruling family. Sometime during the reign of King Mumberthrax Flathead (775-770 GUE), Syovar, while he was at Egreth Castle, was stricken with love for the first time in his young life, spending months sighing over the young countess from a distance before Mumberthrax himself caught wind of his young enchanter-knight's romantic obsession. The meddling monarch's order that the two be wed by the end of the week may be counted among the ‘169 Not Quite as Important Things’ that marked the fifteen years of Mumberthrax's reign.

Lorena gave birth to Syovar's son, whom was named Logrumethar. During the last days before the fall of the Empire, Lorena was killed by Grawl, an enemy of Syovar. This evil warlock also cast a powerful spell upon their only son, which transformed him into a hideously ugly creature, thereafter called Grum, and exiled him to the Cavern of the Rainbow Mosses.