The Lost Mail Room of Frobwit is a legendary post office that was allegedly constructed during the reign of Frobwit the Flatter, third king of the Flathead Dynasty, between the years 701~727 GUE.  Frobwit encouraged magical experimentation (or, rather, fostered an environment where thaumaturgists did not feel as restrained in their experimentations) and he allegedly looked into the creation of an incredibly fast form of mail service as his grandfather had created an incredibly large empire. In short, Frobwit was trying to improve the basic infrastructures that helped society to run smoothly. There was even a series of limited stamps printed up, which some say were lost there. Stamp collectors have deemed these stamps to be the rarest in all of history.

No one really knows what happened to the lost mail room, where this incredibly rare collection of stamps went, or why the postal service did not undergo the types of radical changes that the Mail Room was allegedly going to implement. In fact, some people doubt that the mail room ever existed at all.
Naturally, this has not stopped many treasure hunters from looking.

Rumors abound that to acquire the rare stamps, a Junior Postal Employee badge from the Festeron post office is required to enter the Lost Mail Room. To acquire this badge, a package from Morning Star's palace had to be delivered there. To placate the queen quelbee who held the map to Morning Star's palace, magical honey was needed.