These short, scrubby, flowering plants can be made to give off light only when exposed to the light of the full moon, or if some other source of light (such as a pocket flashlight, cresset torch, or any number of sorcerous devices) can be artfully used to simulate the correct amount of brightness available from the full moon as seen from above ground. Once excited by the proper level of light, the glowing florets of the luminia can be rubbed on a person’s body.

Found mostly in the Westlands, this rare weed was at one time thought to be extinct in the Eastlands, until a certain species was found by Spike the Protector and renamed "luminia spikea." The importation of luminia from the Westlands and its cultivation in the Great Underground Empire would do much to protect the uninformed adventurer, the sort who perishes each day from voracious grues and other dangers in the vast network of Eastlands caverns.