Luna, named after Queen Luna of whose husband was King Sol, is the greater of two spheres which provides light to the Zorkian nights. In both the planetary model and brogmoidism, there is general agreement that both moons revolve around Zork. In alchemy, Luna is the symbol of romantic longing and secret meetings.

It is believed that the breakdown of the year into twelve months might be, in some vague way, related to the lunar cycle, but since the size, shape, and position of the moon is so wildly unpredictable, it is useless to speculate. The many phases which Luna passes through during a year include: New Moon, Full Moon, Empty Moon, Old Moon, Pac Moon, Eaten Moon, Fast Moon, White Moon, Sudden Moon, Small Moon, Large Moon, Two Moons, One & a Half Moons, Missing Moon, Weird Moon, Rad Moon, Bull Moon, Happy Moon, Blue Moon, and Grue Moon.