“They dance in their simple, petty way, so insignificant below me, like ants, unintelligent machines, pawns to be used and then cast aside.”
            -The Mage of Jerrimore at the height of his powers, circa 275 BE.

Matched and beaten in their eccentricity only by the remarkable Flatheads, the Jerrimore clan is to this day shrouded in a veil of magic, greed, half-truths and lies. As one of the most notorious families in history, this clan was noted for their powerful magical abilities and fiercely selish pride. The great Mage of Jerrimore himself left his home city in favor of a voluntary exile to his country estates in the northlands of Frobozz, estates so closely guarded and tremendously feared that no outsider was to visit the area until the brief civil war that scarred Quendor in 398 GUE.

In the late years of his life, the Mage of Jerrimore, a legendary evil being, was cast ill upon a deathbed. As his sickness worsened, this powerful but twisted wizard became convinced that his enemies had poisoned him to gain possession of his greatest treasure, the Jewel of Jerrimore, which is a star sapphire. With his dying breath, he loosed a great and evil curse upon the Jewel and all who would possess it.

After the Mage's death, each of his heirs took possession of the jewel; each held it jealously, mistrusting any who might look upon it; each would become obsessed with the greed and treachery they perceived around them; and each came to early and horrible deaths. Thus grew the legend of the cursed Jewel. Although the legends vary, all versions say that the Jewel would travel through many lands, always leaving a wake of misery and death, and became lost for many years in an iron mine near the Flathead Fjord.