Middle Magic is the Mental, Magic of Divination practiced by some Wizards and Enchanters, but also by the lower-ranking Telepaths (the most famous of these being Lucy Flathead). This magic includes Magical Foresight, or Vision Quest, without even the aid of a Seer Stone; the Divination of Missings, Hiddens, and Invisibles; and the Memory of Unwitnessed Events.

Although Divination includes the Listening (to sounds unheard by human/creature ear-clairaudio) and the Seeing (of human/creature minds-clairvoyance) generally, it does not include the minds of animals and less-intelligent creatures, which just tend to come across as a great deal of static and chirping. Even reading the mind of a brogmoid becomes difficult after a while; the laborious mental recitation “Step together and step together and step” can drown out any other productive thought he might (or might not) be having. Higher Mental Magic is naturally associated with a whole category of spells involving Mind Control and the manipulation of other persons and creatures.

Only those Diviners most trained in Mental Magic are capable of Seeing their own futures. Ultimately, Divination and Middle Magic is the Magic of Mortal Life, associated with the Middle World of the Overland, the above world of the Great Underground Empire.

Combatants harnessing this magic prefer to know the mind of their enemy, relying on forseeing what might next befall them. They specialized in revealing that which was hidden and using it to their advantage.