The magic radio was an enchanted device that managed to find its way into the hands of several different postmen in Festeron. The radio, broadcasted both WFES and WTCH for the current postman's own good, providing hints and warnings in order to aid in the recovery of Wishbringer. Even when one managed to switch off the radio, it was able to repeatedly turn itself on again, though it did not work in graveyards. The radio was a two-way communication device.

The radio itself was small and silver, with a bright red dial. It fit into the palm of the hand, and seemed to be made of some lightweight plastic with a thin coat of metallic paint. This little radio was able to put out more noise than boom box.

There was a rule between the three sisters (Y'Gael, Hortense, Gladys) that the magic radio was not allowed to be destroyed. At least once, Gladys did break this rule, by smashing the radio, which was one of five reasons that the other two sisters broke the rule of not directly aiding the postman in the attempt to stop Gladys' plans.