At the beginning of the reign of Simon the Postman, the 16 and a half year old Gloria Magnifico lived with both her father and younger sister Shirley in the nicest of all the cottages in Festeron. On the western side of the Greater island, right by the ocean, this brown-and-white gingerbread house looked as if it had jumped straight from a book of fairy tales. Her mother had not been around for years, she had ran off with a portable-toilet salesman.

The resemblance between Gloria and her sister Shirley was striking. Her smile had a knowing humor to it that her younger sibling lacked. Her coloring was a little darker than the very fair Shirley. Her shoulder length hair was the color of chestnuts in autumn. The dark-haired beauty's triangular face, pretty and open, was completed with large brown eyes and long-fingered hands. She was the very picture of adolescence on the verge of adulthood.

Gloria was known as the "sweet young daughter of the professor" while Festeron was in its normal state. She was innocent and proper, not even permitting romance between her and a man any more than a simple handshake.

During the curse of Witchville, the formerly sweet young girl would be seen dressed in that determinedly casual way that most rebellious teenagers had, with tight-fitting pants and a white blouse, the top three buttons oh-so-carelessly undone, or possibly an extreme mini-skirt providing the most minute cover. Her wicked image desired to live to party, especially all night with the boys on the Boot Patrol who she only sought to have covert her. These nights also brought upon her the unfortunate habit of continually puffing on a cigarette. Gladys frequently employed her obedient service, in which she was fond of torture and evil schemes. Her clothing during such periods of slavehood, involving donning the female equivalent of the Boot Patrol uniform: a military-looking khaki coat with tight-fitting pants and high-heeled boots.

Just prior to Simon's coming to Festeron, Gloria had been depressed following her break-up with an unknown man. Her sister Shirley, who was dating Brad MacGuffin, had only moments before been scammed by Simon's shell game when she arrived on the Fun Pier where he was set up. Simon, who was mesmerized by her beauty, sought to gain her favor. Deciding to impress her with his generosity, he formed a fašade by returning the coin to Brad, and lied that it had accidentally fallen out of the cup. Gloria found this pleasing and admiring. Afterwards, when Simon was arrested for the shell game's criminal activity (as well as refusing to sing the Festeron anthem), Gloria briefly visited him, confessing her love for him. The following day at Simon's courtroom hearing, she attempted to testify on his behalf, but her words were discounted because of her romantic bias towards Simon. After Simon had been sentenced as a postal worker, he arrived at her cottage for a delivery. The two were twitterpatted with one another. She accepted his invition for a date, but she knew that if the Witchville curse had been enacted that night, that she would not be able to keep her promise.
    That night, the curse came upon the entire city of Festeron. Gloria and Shirley dressed provocatively, as usual, to allure the Boot Patrol. She no longer had desire for Simon. In fact, she was responsible for helping Mr. Crisp and Violet Voss captured the postman. Gloria desired to watch Simon be tortured by the two villians in the library, and they permitted her.
    In the library, Princess Tasmania was found hanging from the ceiling by one foot that had been caught in a thick rope noose. Gloria caught Tasmania when the trap was released. Violet Voss planned to put both Tasmania and Simon into the automatic stamper. The platypus tried to gain freedom by biting Gloria. In reprisal Mr. Crisp clamped her beak with a handful of rubber bands. It was here that Sneed once again appeared semi-transparent. He took the Kitchen Wonder from Simon’s pocket, using it to unlock his handcuffs. Because of Gloria’s protests for Tasmania to be saved (it was much too cruel to torture a poor dumb creature), the evil couple decided to stamp Simon first, but not without gratifying their romantic desires. During this intermission, Simon took Tasmania from Gloria, then forcibly demanded the girl to come with him. Simon, Gloria, Tasmania, and Sneed made their way out of the library.
    Outside the library, Simon ran headlong into Gloria’s father, who was stumbling around, drunk. Possessions were scattered. Instead of grabbing his own glasses that had fallen off, the father instead set the magic glasses upon his face. Whoever wore the glasses found that the spell of Witchville was broken, returning them to their Festeron personality. Simon retrieved the glasses, intending to place them on Gloria, but Gladys appeared. The Evil One beckoned for Gloria; she came to her. Simon and Sneed escaped, and Gloria went with Gladys to assist her with the final part of her plan in her laborary at the church.
    When Simon invaded the church Gloria alerted Gladys. The Evil One handed over the killing of Simon to Gloria, who in turn handed it over to Brad and the Boot Patrol. Simon and Sneed made a run for it.
    Gloria was also present at the church when Simon and Sneed made their second attempt to invade it. As Gloria passed through a doorway, Simon grabbed her arm, and while Sneed covered her mouth, placed the magic glasses upon her. While trying to kiss Glorian, the glasses continued to fall off, flipping her personality. Gloria led the two men upstairs to the bell tower where they found Princess Tasmania tied up with an immense amount of rope. Simon untied her. All four proceeded to the Evil One’s laboratory. The magic glasses granted Gloria with the ability to spy the otherwise invisible Wishbringer. Gladys entered, wanting to know what it was that she saw. When Gloria adamantly refused to give away the location of the stone, the Evil One snatched the glasses, restoring the curse upon the girl. She informed her that Wishbringer was in the middle canister. Gladys put on the glasses to verify Gloria’s claim, then grinded them into the linoleum with her foot.
    Once Simon had defeated Gladys and the curse was nullfied (at least temporarily) and Witchville had returned to Festeron, he again asked Gloria for a date, which she accepted. Anything about Gloria after this point has been lost, but it is assumed that the curses of Witchville continued, and that she remained affected by these curses.