At the beginning of the reign of Simon the Postman, Mr. Magnifico was the father of Gloria and Shirley. His wife had not been around for years; she had ran off with a portable-toilet salesman. Mr. Magnifico was a tall man with a full mane of wildly unkempt white hair.

The Magnifico cottage was known to be the nicest of all the cottages in Festeron. On the western side of the Greater island, right by the ocean, this brown-and-white gingerbread house looked as if it had jumped straight from a book of fairy tales. The address was:

    114 River Road
    Festeron Township, Festeron H7P432W691-63H79

As a professor at the University of Festeron, he had written a Treatise on Festeronian Philosophy. Because of the size of the town, the university could only be afforded to be open every other year, thus this was a part-time career. He filled in between times as best as he could. Odd jobs. Mechanical repairs. He did watches and cloaks, blenders and can openers. He was a master of the small appliance!

While the Witchville curse was in effect, Mr. Magnifico became a terrible drunkard, weaving unsteadily everywhere he went about the island.

Possession were scattered. Mr. Magnifico was played an important role in Simon's first defeat of Gladys. While Simon was escaping the library, he ran headlong into the man who was stumbling around. Instead of grabbing his own glasses that had fallen off, the father instead set the magic glasses upon his face. Thus Simon discovered that the Witchville curse was temporarily broken for the one who wore these glasses, returning them to their Festeron personality. Simon did not leave him with the powerful artifact.