A sweepstakes held by the Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Company in 966 GUE. The Grand Prize was one Million Zorkmids, two first prizes to live like a king in a castle built to the winner's specifications up to 100,000 Zorkmids. Five second prizes of a Zooble Belbort magic carpet, 8 third prices of an auroscope, 100 fourth prizes of a genunie 10 point sapphire set in a unique band of twisted gold.

To enter, no purchase was necessary; one only had to use the enclosed map to fill in the blanks, and mail the entry form to the Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Company in Borphee. Entries had to be received by Estuary 1st 967 GUE. The drawing would be done by the current President of Frobozzco International, and winners would be notified by mail. Undeliverable prizes would be instead awared to employees of Frobozzco without further compensation. The results of this sweepstakes is unknown, but was most likely cancelled due to the collapse of magic in 966 GUE.