Marvin the Mythical Goatfish, 1067

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Marvin the Mythical Goatfish was a sassy fish who lived beneath a wharf in the seas of Port Foozle in 1067 GUE. In those days he was wanted by the Inquisition for dealing in illegal magic contraband. He went through strenous emotional times, and was wistful for the days when magic was not a four-letter four. He lucked into a bit of sucken magical treasure (a crate with the lamp which held the spirit of Dalboz of Gurth), and was more than paranoid that someone would find it.

When AFGNCAAP detected a strange glow near the wharf and dared to drop a fishing hook into the waters, Marvin was upset at his intrusion. Hoping to draw the treasure out of the water, AFGNCAAP lowered the plastic of a six-pack holder on a hook. The goatfish was quickly strangled when the plastic caught around his neck. Before he could perish, a passing scissor-fish cut the six-pack holder. Marvin surrendered the dock to the persistant adventurer, allowing him to recover the crate with the lamp inside.

Marvin was later caught by the Inquisition and tortured--the eventual cleaning and gutting climaxed with the goatfish crying out "Freeedom!"