As former patient of Gray Mountains Asylum, Leon Mason's file stated that he had a "beautiful cranium."

Mason's corpse was found preserved in the Asylum's morgue in 949 GUE, when the female pilgrim who would later save the Empire from the curse of the Nemesis, beheaded this corpse. The severed head was taken to the Examination Room and set into one of Sartorius' sadistic devices, with various wires connecting it to a morse code type switch. When any button of the switch was pressed, one of the areas of the exposed brain corresponding to specific emotions was triggered, forcing Mason to speak despite his deceased condition. Through this process, the female pilgrim was able to obtain the first three of five numbers to a combination box containing a stomach with an elevator key. What became of Mason's head after this is unknown.

IMAGE01: Mason's corpse in Asylum
IMAGE02: Mason's severed head A
IMAGE03: Mason's severed head B
IMAGE04: Mason's severed head C