Matchlick the Mighty was one of the brave adventurers who was dedicated to help better society by ridding the world of magic. This hardy adventurer was in the employ of Mir Yannick, the Grand Inquisitor. By 1066 GUE, he had already detained the great-great-uncle of the wizard-at-large, Bumbor, and was not surprised when he was picked to investigate the strange book that had been uncovered near Aragain in 1066 GUE.

As soon as he opened the cursed thing, a thundering bolt of lightning surrounded him and he found himself in a new land stranger than any that he had visited before. Almost immediately, he noticed another adventurer exiting a round building. This was the adventurer that would one day become the Fourth Dungeon Master. Matchlick was the first soul that he had seen in five years.

The adventurer begged Matchlick to help escape the accursed island. Fortunately, Matchlick carried a few items from his previous Inquisition expedition: a Frobozz Electric Lamp, a book of matches, a can of grue repellent, and a Frobozz Electric Puzzle Solver.

Matchlick knew that the Frobozz Electric Puzzle Solver would solve all of the mindless puzzles of the land automatically. All that he needed was a large heat source. The books in the library were suitable. He sprayed them with grue repellent and then lit a match. The heat from the burning books was enough to power the Puzzle Solver. Matchlick set it on “pointless wandering and clicking” difficulty level.

After a short conversation, where Matchlick warned the adventurer that he would be sorry for wanting “magic to live forever,” the Frobozz Electric Puzzle Solver activated. Instantly Matchlick found himself outside Port Foozle. He had never been so happy to smell the rotting docks and hear the countdown to curfew. Yet, he was plagued by dreams of that faceless, nameless adventurer who would come to free magic in the Great Underground Empire. But he assured himself that it could never happen, because the Grand Inquisitor was the greatest boss ever.

It should also be noted that had Matchlick the Mighty not been sent to investigate this book, Mir Yannick would have sent him on a quest to explore a recently uncovered region of the Great Underground Empire.