Setch Mauldwood was a member of the Quendoran Royal Miltia in 659 GUE. Although well on in years by the time of his interview with Jezbar Foolion, he related the following story regarding the New Years Revolt in Largoneth:

I was working my normal shift along the beach when I received word from my shift commander to hurry back to the castle. Apparently some of the dungeon guards had mutinied and taken over the southwest keep, threatening the royal chambers. By the time I made it back to Largoneth the fighting had ended and Zilbo had died.

It should be mentioned that Zilbo Throckrod III was only assumed to have died, and lived for many more years after the throne had been usurped, thus placing less weight upon his recollection which many historians call "distorted."

SOURCE(S): A History of Quendor