IMAGE01: Max & Fred turned to stone
  IMAGE02: Max & Fred with Bivotar and Juranda
  IMAGE03: Max & Fred running
  IMAGE04: Fred using magic


Max and Fred were two elves of the furry, dwarf-size variety. Although friendly, they were cowards, suffered from heavy paranoia, and acted as though there were no older than an immature ten year old human. The timid elves frequently engaged in selfish acts, vain babbling and incessant bickering. They were however faithful, overcoming fear only for the sake of assisting their friends, and doing whatever was necessary (even if many of these attempts were bumbles). Both elves had some rudimentary magic knowledge that, while orking, always seemed to have ridiculous side effects or malfuction. For example, when summoning a mountain nymph, a giant bat appeared instead, or a teleportation spell only teleported them an embaressing four feet.

During the early years of Syovar the Strong (c. 888-913 GUE), these two elves lived at the Castle of Zork as servants of the king. When Syovar had been captured by the evil warlock Malifestro, and much of the Aragain Province abandoned, Max and Fred were some of the few faithful who did not flee with the rest. They were two frightened to stay and too frightened to leave.

When Bivotar and Juranda arrived at the castle during this period, they easily managed to befriend the two frightful elves, who revealed to the adventurers all that had recently taken place with the tyranny of Malifestro and the capture of Syovar. Though Max and Fred begged the adventurers to remain at the castle, Bivotar and Juranda were determined to rescue Syovar. After gathering gear for the journey, the four set out for the Flathead Mountains, hoping to cross it to Malifestro's castle on the far side.

On their journey, they nearly stumbled into a band of bandits. One legend tells that Fred cast a friendliness spell upon the thieves, permitted them to move out without any conflict. Following the event, Fred made an unsuccessful attempt to teleport the party to Malifestro's lair, but after eating hard and bitter cakes and the chanting of a spell, they were only moved four feet towards the mountains. Seeking an alternate solution, Juranda pulled a Frobozz Magic Carpet from her inventory. The four companions squeezed onto the rug and set off. Unfortunately, the two elves are flung off the rug and Juranda and Bivotar had forgotten the magic word to bring the rug to a halt.

In an attempt to reunite with their companions, Fred attempted to use a secret spell to summon the mountains nymphs, but it failed, instead summoning a giant bat. The bat carried them to its lair on the mountaintop where Fred “saved” them from the lair by getting them into a snow avalanche. After an encounter with a number of snow scorpions, they somehow ended up at the other side of the mountains before even Bivotar and Juranda made it across.

Once the four had converged, they treaded the depths of the forest and arrived at the walls of Malifestro's castle. Finding some thick vines on the sides of the castle, the four climbed to a small window and entered. The two elves were spectators to the detestable pack which Bivotar made with a demon--the wicked spirit used its powers to revive Syovar. Max and Fred then watched as Syovar and Malifestro engaged in magical combat, ending with the king imprisoning the evil warlock in a black crystal sphere.

The two elves returned with the others to the Castle of Zork where the kingdom of Frobozz enjoyed a brief span of prosperity, including the discovery of new sections of the Great Underground Empire. One of these regions would later be entitled the Cavern of Doom. It was in this region where Max and Fred found themselves in the Cavern of the Rainbow Mosses. While fighting over a jade figurine, they spotted Grum, who instantly turned them both to stone.

It was not until Bivotar and Juranda rescued Grum from his curse and returned him to his normal form, that Syovar was able to use his powers to restore Max and Fred to flesh and teleport them to the Castle of Zork. The two elves only were able to have a brief reunion with Bivotar and Juranda before the two humans had to depart.

Shortly after, when Bivotar and Juranda were imprisoned in the castle of the evil warlock Grawl, they joined Syovar in his plan to rescue them. Wishing for the elves to be placed in the dungeon with the two prisoners, Syovar purposely sent Max and Fred alone into the enchanted woods surrounding the castle. Intentionally without any magical protection, they were captured by Grawl.

When Bivotar and Juranda were awakened by their presence, the two elves informed them of the situation. Suddenly, a wall of the dungeon exploded into a cloud of smoke and mortar, and sunlight poured through a newly formed gaping hole. Outside of the castle, Syovar and Grawl were locked in combat together. Max and Fred led the two adventurers through the opening int he wall while the magical battle reached its climax. Grawl perished, but Syovar was terribly wounded. The five were teleported back to the Castle of Zork. What become of the two elves after this rescue is unknown.