Mayor of Shanbar, 1647 GUE

     Mayor, 1647 GUE
     Mayor after Morphius defeat (A) / (B) / (C)
     Mayor Artwork


The Mayor of Shanbar in the 1630s and 40s was a fellow so blustery taht he could power a city block for a week with one speech. The mayor took great pride in his public filing system; a repository of knowledge gathered through the ages. Many adventurers had left their marks in there, including quite a few good recipes (one of those was contributed by his own wife). A library was never built because the file system was so entertaining.

In the 1640s, the vultures of more began to plague the skies of the Valley of the Sparrows. Those who dared to stay behind found their homes dislocated to the Great Underground Empire or were carried off by the vultures. In response to this threat, the Mayor of Shanbar and the keeper of the Northern River Lighthouse announced plans for a new anti-vulture warning system (the West Shanbar Times reported this public announcement on Wands Day, Jelly 18, 1645). The lighthouse ran on illumynite. Prior to the testing of the warning system, the vultures snatched the rock. Without the it, the system was never tested.

As the city continued to grow smaller, the Mayor had much more time on his hands. Somehow he even managed to capture a grue and toss it into one of City Hall's cells.

It should be noted that in 1647 GUE, this mayor was indirectly responsible for the defeat of Morphius. By translating one of four jokes from an ancient book in the inventory of an unknown Sweepstakes Winner, he helped this adventurer win a joke contest, enabling the addition of one of the six pieces of the last Flying Disc of Frobozz.