Meezel was the pet cat of Esmerelda. When Esmerelda was placed under a time-suspension spell sometime between 150-175 GUE, Meezel was affected as well and lived to see her awaken from this slumber in about the year 665. In those days, it was the largest, ugliest, most mange-ridden black housecat with a pair of large, round amber eyes. Its fur felt like bristles of an old, stiff brush, and a gray bald spot had formed just above its left eye. When the cat purred with unashamed pleasure, it sounded like a saw drawn slowly through wood.

Although Meezel led Caspar Wartworth and Sunrise to Esmerelda when she was still asleep in Nasturtium's Castle in Mauldwood, the two grew an almost immediately disliking to the cat, and especially Esmerelda's unwavering dedication to it.

While the party was en route to escaping from Mauldwood, Meezel chased after a surmin, scarring it into dousing the them all with its powerful flatulence. The cat also provided difficulties in the raiding of the Borphee Royal Palace, forcing Sunrise to nearly forfit their plans when his allergies were triggered by Meezel. When the palace raid failed, Meezel was left behind when the others escaped using an AIMFIZ spell, as the cat was too interested in terrorizing the guards. On the party's second attempt to raid the castle, Esmerelda found Meezel in the dungeon, who had been terrorizing the guards.

After the exposure of the fake Duncanthranx and the reinstitution of the true king, Esmerelda permanently gifted Sunrise with Meezel. With the help of the Borphee Guild of Wizards, which had been restored, they used their magic to fix Meezel's bald spots and straighten the broken ear.