Melibar was a quiet and strangely attractive woman and a zealously devout brogmoidist. She frequented the Eagle's Claw Tavern, where many grew weary of her repeated attempts to grant other some kind of divine revelation in the sharing of her faith. Melibar hoped that one day, be it through her infinite patience or through her blindingly fair countenance, she would win Ettelwhiff over to her way of thinking. She witnessed the Mareilon rebellion firsthand in 398 GUE.

A single quote of Melibar, in reference both to the zorkquakes of the day and the illness of Zylon the Aged, has been passed down: “When a great king who has been hailed as a god among men approaches his last days, the entire world cracks and bends in reflection of his suffering.”

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged