The dainty Princess Melithiel (later Queen Melithiel) descended from the House of Fourth in an unknown kingdom somewhere underground beneath the Eastlands, near the White House regions. She was a rather gorgeous young woman, some claiming the most beautiful that they had ever seen, with a voice sounding like a silver bell. Normally, dressed in a lovely gown, she was absolutely entrancing, a perfect fantasy princess.

Little happened in the middle level of the Dungeon of Zork that she did not hear about. Like many dwellers in the Great Underground Empire, she did not carry a light source with her, and was never concerned about grues. Some ventured that she had signed special pacts with the beasts. Others claimed, "Just more illogicality." She was usually attended by her precious and faithful pet, Rex the Wonder Unicorn; and if not, he was certainly nearby.

Nothing is currently known about her heritage or family, besides her claim in 948 GUE that her parents were worried about her. She had been betrothed at birth to a man known as "the Unhamstringable" and had to remain faithful to this intended husband. Thus she languished in the Dungeon of Zork between dragons, waiting for him to come rescue her.

It is uncertain how many times the princess was taken captive, but two such instances have been recorded. In 948 GUE, the princess was taken captive, chained to a rock, put into a trance, and guarded by Smaug, a terrible red dragon. An unknown man on his way to become the Second Dungeon Master, defeated the beast and rescued her. This adventurer was not the one she was destined to marry, and thus after locating Rex, she rode off on her unicorn with little more than gifting her savior with a perfect rose and the were-unicorn's delicate gold key.

It was not until several years later (sometime before 966 GUE) that Melithiel was kidnapped by the most deadly of all dragons, the kimono dragon. This beast chained her up in the same location as before, placing her in another magical trace. When Mirakles of the Elastic Tendon defeated this dragon, he was captivated by her beauty and determined to take her for his wife, and awoke her with a kiss. After her rescue, the princess mysteriously insisted that she depart to tend to unicorn as well as other unmentioned “duties.” She planned to return after these were tended to. Before departing, there was an exchange of gifts. Mirakles’ ring was too large for her to wear on any of her fingers. She tore a narrow strip from the hem of her gown, threaded the ring onto it, and tied the piece of cloth around her neck. As his request, she torn another strip of cloth, and bound the material above the elbow of his sword-arm to wear as a banner. Whenever he raised his enchanted sword, the strip of cloth would be a martial flag to remind him that he was fighting for more than merely himself. He would be fighting for her and their future together. Then she left. When Mirakles and his companions had defeated the Autoexec, Princess Melithiel returned via her chariot pulled by the now winged Rex the Wonder Unicorn to rescue them. Her pet lifted the chariot into the air, carrying them up to the surface through otherwise inaccessible tunnels, and to the White House. Once Morgrom the Essence of Evil had been defeated, Mirakles took Melithiel as his queen, and the two became the next rulers of the Sunless Grotto.

Whether truth or lie, Narlinia von Glech claimed that she could assure Mirakles that he was not Melithiel's first prince.