Mildi was the daughter of Stribel Wartsworth, the wife of Choboz, and the mother of Anesi. She always used to think that her husband only married her to get close to Stribel, for he really wanted to be an enchanter. But this failed. While Choboz was unable to learn magic, Stribel was able to pull some strings to get their son enrolled shortly before 956 GUE.

Choboz refused to allow the wizards to teach their son to become better than himself, and jerked Anesi out of the university before even less than half a term had passed. Choboz packed up the family and moved to the isolated wildlands north of Frobozz, to be as far removed from the Enchanters Guild as possible. They would not see Stribel again for another ten years.

The family lived in a clearing near Caper’s Hill, near the shore on a point of land that jutted into the ocean, so there was an unobstructed view of the water. Choboz had built the family’s log cottage with his own two hands, while Mildi wove the carpet of the house, patiently braiding and weaving it from Dryad's Hair. Normally she would sit in the candlelight, sewing, or rocking her favorite chair and staring out the open doorway into the cool, dark night, relaxing for a bit before she went to bed.

About 966 GUE, when the influence of the Great Terror reached its height, the Great Shuboz Shuboz of the Thriff Guild of Enchanters, sought Anesi because of his great talent and innocence. Because of these two things, he thought that the boy would have a chance to defeat the Great Terror.

Anesi was the first to spot the vessl of the Great Shuboz Shuboz off the coast and alerted his parents. The anxious Choboz hid his family in the smoke hole that was at a distance in the woods from their home. The seven wizards disembarked their vessel and approached the house. They left the Great Shuboz Shuboz without the house while the other six went to find Anesi at the smoke hole. The locked door was quickly broken down with REZROV. Choboz went after the infiltrators with his axe, but was subdued by Grimbol Grumble’s VAXUM.

Now that the fear of enmity had departed, the six wizards and the family returned to Anesi’s home to meet the elderly Shuboz Shuboz. After explaining their reason for setting forth to find Anesi, the Great Shuboz Shuboz gave Anesi a new spellbook. It was then that Anesi went to the beach to show his parents what he had been hiding from them for so long—his water-shaping spell. Enraged, Choboz stomped off alone.

That night, Anesi awoke from a dream. Mildi was still awake, but Choboz had not yet returned. Anesi went out to search for him and instead was able to defeat one of the Servants of the Terror with the help of his friend Fidget.

When Anesi returned home, Mildi ordered the wizards to depart and then removed the splinters from Anesi’s arms. The young enchanter offered to provide more light with FROTZ. In reprisal, Mildi angrily told him to forget magic and from now on they would be a normal family. Anesi objected, only to be slapped in retribution. In a maddened flurry, Anesi grabbed his spellbook and FROTZed nearly everything in the room, including Fidget. He screamed his frustration out, that he did not want to be normal when he was able to do things like this, then left into the woods.

Mildi would not see Anesi again until after he had managed to defeat the Great Terror.But that did not stop her to quickly finish making a blue enchanters' cloak, which Mildi had stayed up all night making for him. She handed it over to Khare the Watcher who delivered it to Anesi before he was sent off.

In the time that Anesi was away, the Thriff wizards made improvements on the property: more land was cleaned, the house was painted and trimmed, new rooms were been built, a bright new barn was constructed were the old one had been, and an elaborate series of pipes and pimps carried fresh water from the creek right into the house.

When Anesi returned with his grandfather Stribel, the entire family was reunited as one.