Mirik the Lean was the avaricious brother-in-law of Gurthark the Stout who lived in the Northlands. He owned a shop called "Mirik's" in Accardi-by-the-Sea (which may only have been one of many such outlets). He hired employees to run the shop in his stead. Although Mirik's opinion of Gurthark was distastefully low, he was merciful enough to grant him a lowly position in his merchantile firm.

Gurthark's last venure of work for Mirik involved delivering a wagon-load of silk coverlets to Mirik's Accardi merchantile store in the south (c. 957-966 GUE). Although Gurthark was lost to the currents of the Borphee River and all but two of the quilts were burnt to ashes by one of Radnor's curses, Ryker (who had been hired to guard the shipment), was able to deliver the shipment to Accardi. Unfortunately, Mirik was already furious that the shipments had been long overdue, and was even more angered that most of them had been destroyed.