Misty Island, also known as the Misty Isle, lies on the Western Sea off the coast of Antharia, a brief west trip from the islands of Festeron. This jagged island, always enshrouded by fog,  is the site of the platypus kingdom of Anatinus, whose castle lies nestled among the cliffs of that island. The platypus frequently travel back and forth between the Misty Island and Festeron by the means of magical silver whistles. It has been suggested that the platypus outpost on Antharia's Misty Island is in fact no more than the winter home for the platypi wishing to avoid the frigid climates of the Mithican Mountains.

The magnificent platypus castle's parapets rise high into the mist, usually emanating with friendly voice and music from inside, where hundreds of platypuses gather in the long, high-ceilinged throne room, milling about with teacups in their paws; or the huge ballroom festooned with rich tapestries, telling stories of playpi capturing unicorns or slaying dragons in full armor. Each generation of platypi are ruled from here by a king Anatinus, all descending from a forgotten original Anatinus.

Those of Witchville were a nasty neighbor, bearing no love for the Misty Island. Because of the fear of organizing platypus hunts, the population of this island insisted on aiding the current postman.