Mithicus Province University (MPU), Babe Flathead's alma mater, is probably a Moss-League college, but is better known for athletic prominence in the Quendor Collegiate Athletic Association.

In 683 GUE, serious students from such institutions as Galepath University and Mithicus Province University took up the cause of magic in their spare time, attempting to explain the natural world as by-product of the interrelated workings of the sciences of Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Thaumaturgy. Eventually, some of these students achieved high-ranking positions on the faculties of several moss-league colleges. Their success in demonstrating the so-called first principles of Thaumaturgy, namely Presence, Incantation, and Unusual Effect, led to a loosening of the Unnatural Acts to allow what became known as Scientific Thaumaturgy and the Dawn of the Scientific Age of Magic.