Miznia is a chiefly jungle province in the southlands, located at the southern fringe of the Westlands. Beyond its extreme southern border is the province of Orexia. The current capital of Miznia is Mizniaport. A noted tourist attraction in this province is the Miznia Jungle Skyway. Built in 882, this skyway flies over the Miznia Jungle. Dividing Miznia from Grubbo-by-the-Sea is an enormous swampy region known as the Miznia Marshlands, or simply The Moors. Miznia is known for its annual Miss Miznia beauty pageant, and an old proverb: "It's no use crying over cracked nutshells."

The entirety of Miznia Province, utterly dominated by dangerous and unattractive jungle and swampland, has long been viewed as a relatively boring area without a history of any kind. In fact, this attitude has become prevalent simply because Miznia and its surrounding environs were not important during the era of the Flathead Dynasty, the time at which most Quendoran world history has been written. The truth of the matter is that Miznia was one of the first villages established following the Brogmolithic Epozz. While several of the residual families broke off to different regions, a majority of the humans had congregated in primitive huts along the outskirts of the Miznia Jungle, wore vulgar loincloths, and derived entertainment from sitting around bonfires, yelling and hollering at the sky.

Centuries before the coming of Duncanthrax, Mizniaport was a thriving and important trade center at the heart of the Anatian Empire until its demise (c. 800 BE), in which it was split into the Gurth, Mithicus and Miznia provinces. Long before the Kingdom of Quendor came into existence, and many centuries before the spread of magical knowledge through the provinces of the north, magical culture was alive and well in Miznia, as evidenced by many legends of Y'Syska that still survive in that area.

In an unparalleled attempt at using magical powers to gain mastery over nature, Miznian locals decided to build their capital city right at the heart of the inhospitable jungle. Calling it Dolo Finis, or Sorrow's End, they summoned all their magical abilities to hold back the encroaching swamp and the jungles, preserving Dolo Finis as a kind of monument to their power of nature and called it Dolo Finis, because it was like an oasis in the heart of the most dangerous and miserable country in all the Westlands. Time proved them wrong. The jungle and swamp crept right back in no matter how hard they pressed to keep it out, and eventually they abandoned it. The ruins of Dolo Finis still stand today, attesting to the eventual failure of their vain and ambitious project.

Between 660~662 GUE, Pseudo-Duncanthrax along with province of Gurth and Mithicus, brought Miznia under Quendoran sway and gave them new provincial administrations. It should be noted, that he made no attempt to conquer Orexia, on the extreme southern border of Miznia, as he was to unwilling to combat the disease and dangers of the Miznian jungles and swamps in order to reach Orexia itself.

With the collapse of the Empire in 883 GUE, the confederacy of Quendor was dissolved. Borphee, concerned with its mercantile interests in Miznia and Gurth to the south, discarded the bulk of the ruined empire to the north, creating an immense territorial vacuum between the Southlands and Northlands.

In about 956 GUE, the Great Terror, having escaped from its imprisonment beneath Largoneth Castle, moves lowly and secretly into the southlands and settled in the swamps of Miznia, in the ruins of Dolo Finis, near the border of Orexia. There it waited and gained strength while its influence crept slowly and inexorably across the world, corrupting all it touched. One by one, even the greatest enchanters and wizards succumbed to a creeping fear. They crawled into their guildhalls and shuttered their windows and did nothing. Just before the collapse of the Age of Magic in 966 GUE, the Great Terror was defeated, freeing the land from its terrible oppression. Also, those days saw the end of Thriff's wanderings--the entire village was gated south of the Miznia Jungle from North Frobozz via the Ethereal Plane of Atrii, where it still remains to this day.