Aggressive ad campaigns and the deregulation of ZIFMIA spells made Miznia's Jungle Skyway the fifth biggest tourist attraction in the Southlands as of 966 GUE. Built in 882 GUE, this skyway replaced the Miznia Jungle Train with suspended Skycars (made by the Frobozz Magic Gondola Company). Each of the skyway's four support towers were erected to elevate the Skyway above the treetops--they are each a spiderweb of structural steel with a small maintenance platform enclosed within the girders.

For those seeking to ride the Skyway, admission is free and the tours are narrated by a conductor, but flash photography is prohibited. Food and drinks may be purchased from the Skyway Adventure Emporium, including tall, frosty Granola Floats and a thrilling selection of one-of-a-kind gift ideas.