Molly Moodock, 1647 GUE
       Molly and Moadium, 1647 GUE / (B)
       Molly Moodock Artwork


In 1626 GUE, Molly Moodock nee Kettle inherited the historic Inn of Isenough. She subsequently remodeled it to suit her taste and became the innkeeper.

On Frobuary 14, 1635, Molly Kettle was wed to Moadikum Moodock in the lobby of the Inn. In those days she was described as a frumpy, middle aged woman with a homily for everything.

On Frob Day, Augur 13, 1640, the Inn of Isenough was the first building to mysteriously disappear and be relocated in the Great Underground Empire as the result of Morphius' curse. Molly vanished along with the entire block. In the months to follow Moadikum Moodock and his partners discovered an entrance to the underground and the two spouses were reunited.

Some non-authoritive sources provide "Babra" instead of "Molly" as this woman's first name.

Molly loved looking at pictures, even with strangers.