Moss of Mareilon, FCD#3 (A) / (B) / (C)


First classified in 843 GUE by Thwack of Mareilon, this soft, pale fungus thrives in underground tunnels, drain pipes, and public toilets. Firmly planted and almost impossible to scrape off, this sickly gray moss, glistening with moisture has the scent of a diet-control capsule. When squeezed, the moist and spongy moss releases an invisible cloud of spores which improve the dexterity of laboratory rat-ants and certain humans. Its effects on other species is uncertain. Strangely enough, it makes for great eating.

The symptoms of having squeezed this particular moss are almost immediate--fingers will become incredibly itchy, as fat and stubby digits become long and slender, then after an odd tingling sensation, the itch will disappear, but the newfound agility will remain. Most report that their whole body feels tighter and more coordinated than ever.

Moss of Mareilon has been found in the cellar of the Broken Lantern in Grubbo-by-the-Sea, in the underground stomach of the Crocodile Idol, in caverns in the Mithicus Mountains, and at the Flood Control Dam #3 subway station, to name only a few locations.

Moss of Mareilon is one of the prime components needed to make Frobozzian Magic Cocoa of Concentration.