Mumbar, the son of Goobar, was the father of Delbor of Gurth and the grandfather of Barbel of Gurth.

The Mumbar alive in 895 who attended the Sixth Ecumenical Council of Enchanters and Mages on Oracle 4 may or may not be the same Mumbar as listed above. On that date Belboz sent the following personal letter to Mumbar during the proceedings.


This haggling bores me. I think I’d rather be trapped in a cage full of babbling brogmoids. I don't think any of these fools even understand what it is that they're arguing about. I for one don’t give a damn whether Presence comes from the Implementors or from a piece of yipple dung. All I know is that our magic works, and theirs doesn’t!

Ever since the last emperor vanished, it’s been the same old story, over and over again. The alchemists trying desperately to take over our organization, and us stopping only to issue these silly decrees. No one really cares whether or not they ever find their Philosopher’s Stone, but heaven forbid they try to take over the Guild! Once the chapter's old men get defensive, they drag us here from all corners of the land and watch our beards grow long...

I wish we’d hurry up and vote already.