Mumbo II was the thirteenth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 619 GUE, after Bozbo IV, and ruled the kingdom for 9 years until he was succeeded by Zilbo III in 628 GUE.

The mace known as Bozthark was the weapon of choice for King Mumbo II. He is said to have had a particular affection for it, and named it after a pet turtle that he owned as a young child (which may or may not have been the same turtle as the one he had with him when he assumed the throne). He always carried it into battle,

Mumbo II's favorite pet was a turtle (which later became the father of the rainbow turtles). Thus the change in rulers from Bozbo IV to Mumbo II made a profound readjustment of the bloit system of measurement, when the turtle was the standard of measurement, rather than a windcat, Bozbo IV's animal of choice.